Guiding principles are a set of values, beliefs, and objectives that serve as a foundation for Arise Collective’s decision-making, strategy, and actions. These principles define our organization’s purpose, culture, and approach to achieving our mission, and provide a framework for evaluating its success and impact. Our guiding principles are enduring and serve as a guide for our staff, board, and partners to understand our intentions, priorities, and aspirations.

Dignity + Innate Goodness

Our approach is predicated on a belief in the inherent value of all human beings and the dignity, innate goodness and strength that resides within every woman with whom we work, regardless of her history and circumstances.

Whole + Healthy

We believe each woman owns her unique journey and has the right to be free to live a whole and healthy life; given access to the tools and support she needs, we believe that she has the power within to succeed.

Holistic Transformation

We aim for holistic transformation through a woman-focused, human-centered and trauma-informed approach that provides support in a caring, positive, and individualized manner.


We strive to be inclusive, incorporating the voices of women who have been directly impacted by the criminal justice system at all levels.

Welcoming + Hospitable

As people of diverse faiths, we endeavor to be radically welcoming and hospitable.

Kindness + Compassion

We strive to foster understanding across lines of difference and to suspend judgment of people’s lived experience in order to act and respond from a place of kindness and compassion, taking care that our language and actions reflect respect and honor.

Relationship + Community

We believe in the power of relationship and community and seek to build connections and form partnerships that are beneficial to all.

Intentionality + Quality

We work with intentionality and care about quality, recognizing that as important as what we do is how we do it.


We recognize that achieving desired results may require pushing the envelope with new and innovative ways of thinking.

Committed + Tenacious

We are committed and tenacious, understanding that measures of success and the paths to get there vary by individual.

Trust + Transparency

We value trust and transparency and expect it in ourselves and from those with whom we interact.

Thoughtfulness + Integrity

We operate in an environment in which the stakes are high, and strive to do so with thoughtfulness and integrity.

People over Process

We value people over process, removing barriers where they exist and being mindful not to create new obstacles.